Meijer Gas Station:

Meijer Gas Station


is a popular chain of gas stations in the Midwest region of the United States.
Apart from offering fuel for your vehicles, provide various convenience services to their customers.
Look no further than – your one-stop destination for all your fuel needs.
is a subsidiary of Meijer Inc., a supercenter chain that was founded in 1934 in Greenville, Michigan.

Locations of Meijer Gas Stations

Meijer Gas Stations is primarily located in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. You can easily find a Meijer Gas Stations near you by using the Meijer Gas Stations locator tool on their website or mobile app.

Amenities at Meijer Gas Station

Meijer Gas Station soffers a wide range of amenities to make your visit more convenient and enjoyable. Some of the amenities you can expect to find include:

Convenience store: Meijer Gas Stations convenience stores offer a variety of snacks, drinks, and other necessities.
Car wash: Many Meijer Gas Stations locations have car washes that offer a variety of wash options to keep your car looking clean and shiny.
Propane exchange: Need to refill your propane tank? Meijer Gas Stations offers propane exchanges at select locations.
Air and water stations: Keep your tires properly inflated and your windshield clean with Meijer Gas Station’s air and water stations.
ATM: Many Meijer Gas Stations locations have ATMs available for your convenience.

Fuel Types at Meijer Gas Stations

Meijer Gas Station offers a variety of fuel types to suit your needs. These fuel types include:

Unleaded: Meijer Gas Station’s unleaded fuel meets all government standards for clean air and is designed to keep your engine running smoothly.
Diesel: Meijer Gas Station’s diesel fuel is designed to improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.
E85: Meijer Gas Station’s E85 fuel is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline and is designed for use in flex-fuel vehicles.
Biodiesel: Meijer Gas Station‘s biodiesel fuel is made from renewable resources and is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Meijer Gas Stations Rewards Program

Meijer Gas Stations offers a rewards program that allows you to earn discounts on fuel, groceries, and more. Here’s how it works:

Sign up for the Meijer Gas Stations rewards program online or at a participating location.
Use your rewards card every time you make a purchase at Meijer Gas Station or Meijer stores.
Earn rewards points for every purchase you make.
Redeem your rewards points for discounts on fuel, groceries, and more.


Meijer Gas Station offers convenience, affordability, and high-quality fuel to customers in the Midwest. With a wide range of amenities, fuel types, and a rewards program, Meijer Gas Station is the perfect choice for your next fill-up. Visit a Meijer Gas Station near you today and experience the difference for yourself!

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