The History and Evolution of Tennis Chains for Men

Tennis chains men

A tennis chain necklace is an excellent option to upgrade your streetwear style. These seamless rows of sparkling diamonds or stones add a sophisticated touch to any outfit.

The name’ tennis chain’ originated from an incident during a tennis match where Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet and requested the match be paused until it was found. Today, tennis chains are a popular choice for both men and women.


A tennis chain is a necklace with a continuous line of gems or diamonds carefully set to shine seamlessly. They are commonly made of natural or simulated diamonds and precious stones embedded in chains typically crafted from gold or platinum.

The name tennis chain stems from an event in 1987 during a nationally televised U.S. Open match between professional tennis player Chris Evert and rival Virginia Wade. During the game, Evert’s diamond-line bracelet fell off, and she asked the game officials to pause the match so she could look for it. In her post-match interview, she referred to the chain as her “tennis bracelet,” and the name stuck.

Tennis chains men have evolved from bracelet-style jewelry to a versatile necklace design for casual and formal wear. These chains are often decorated with authentic diamonds, cubic zirconia, or gemstones and come in different lengths. They are also available in various styles, materials, and price ranges to cater to different preferences and budgets.


The classic tennis chain features a continuous row of closely set diamonds. The number of diamonds on the chain varies based on the design and length, usually ranging from 50 to 60. The diamonds are held together with precious metal links, which creates a sparkling and elegant appearance.

In addition to the classic style, men’s tennis chains come in several other styles. These include the choker tennis chain, designed to sit higher on the neck, and the baguette tennis chain, which uses squarish-shaped diamonds or gemstones. These chains are also available in various settings, including prong, channel, and bezel.


Tennis chains can be made from various materials, but the most common choice is sterling silver. This durable metal resists tarnish and offers a brilliant shine. Other popular options include gold and stainless steel. Adding diamonds or gemstones to these chains is possible for a customized appearance.

Tennis chain necklaces for men are available in various lengths, so choosing the right one for your body type is essential. A shorter tennis chain will look more delicate and understated, while a longer chain will be bolder and more statement-making. Tennis chains are elegant accessories that add sophistication to outfits. 


Several factors can affect the cost of a men’s tennis necklace. The stone choice, base metal, and clasp mechanism all impact the overall cost of a diamond or cubic zirconia tennis necklace.

A diamond tennis chain can be expensive, depending on the style and gemstone used. However, some versions use synthetic gemstones such as cubic zirconia to add the dazzling shine of natural diamonds without the high price tag.

 Tennis chains men have become a popular jewelry accessory for everyone, regardless of their connection to the sport. They’re eye-catching and add a touch of elegance to any outfit.


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