Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Reputable Breeder When Buying a Puppy


Responsible breeders screen potential buyers before letting them take home one of their puppies. This can include asking you to agree to a contract and provide references. They can also help you assess if the breed is right for your lifestyle and family. If not, they won’t pressure you into getting a dog that won’t be happy.

They Have Healthy Puppies

Reputable breeders will be concerned with the health of their puppies. This includes ensuring that their puppies are well cared for, receive proper veterinary attention and are vaccinated. They should be able to provide you with vaccination records and health certificates for their pups. In addition, reputable breeders such asĀ PawradeĀ will screen their parents for genetic illnesses that may be passed on to their puppies. They will also outcross their breeding lines to prevent over-inbreeding. Lastly, if you encounter a breeder who refuses to allow you to see the puppies’ parents or doesn’t have documentation of their lineage, it’s time to cross them off your list. This is a red flag that the breeder is not concerned with quality. Puppy buyers should also look for a breeder available to answer questions or troubleshoot training issues after taking their puppy home. Many good breeders will stay in touch with their owners and can offer advice on nutrition, grooming, training and behavior. This is a great way to ensure your dog gets the best possible start in life.

They Have a Healthy Environment

A reputable breeder will happily give you a full health guarantee for your new puppy. This will cover such things as worming, vaccinations and microchipping. They will also be willing to provide you with the medical history of both parents.

They will also be happy to let you know the environment in which the puppies are raised. It should be clean, spacious and comfortable. Good breeders will not rush you into parting with cash for a pup and will take the time to assess your lifestyle and family circumstances. This will help them to find a puppy that is a perfect fit for you. Good breeders will also be happy to keep a puppy until it is eight weeks old. They will understand that the 6-8-week period is crucial when a puppy learns how to behave and socialize with its littermates. If the puppy is removed from its mother and litter at this stage, it will miss out on an enormous amount of valuable early experience. This will impact its long-term behavior and mental state.

They Have Well Socialized Puppies

A well-socialized puppy will be less likely to react fearfully when faced with new situations or people. This is important for the dog’s long-term health, as studies have shown that dogs who miss out on early socialization tend to be more anxious and stressed throughout their lives. Reputable breeders want to cover their expenses, but they also recognize that a good relationship between dog and human is a two-way street. So, a legitimate breeder will be willing to set up a visit with you. If a breeder is pushy, it is a red flag. She wants to discuss your family and lifestyle to ensure the breeder and puppies fit well. A good breeder will take her responsibility seriously and almost always allow her puppies to be returned for any reason. This is one of the best litmus tests for a good breeder. Good breeders will not want their puppies in shelters or on the streets.

They Have a Reputation

A reputable breeder has their dogs’ best interest at heart and will not place them in just any home. They will help you assess your family and lifestyle to determine if the breed is an excellent fit for you, and they will only encourage you to take up to one puppy (because this leads to littermate syndrome). Reputable breeders also have a return policy in case your new puppy doesn’t work out because of allergies, health issues or other reasons. They will let you meet the mother of your potential puppy and the sire if they are available before they sell any puppies. This can give you a good idea of the pup’s temperament and personality; traits passed down from parents to their offspring. If a breeder won’t let you see their facilities or is reluctant to allow you to meet the mother of your future pup, it is a red flag. A reputable breeder will have a formal application process where they interview you about why you want the breed and your lifestyle so that they can match the right dog with the right owner.

They Have Puppies Available

A good breeder will only sell puppies they have bred themselves or taken care of for their entire lives. Reputable breeders will also have aĀ health guaranteeĀ on their puppies. If a puppy becomes sick, they will refund you or offer another dog to replace the sick one. Look for a clean, well-maintained facility where the dogs are kept. Puppies should be in tip-top condition and able to run around and play without seeming overly stressed. Also, ask about vaccinations and what health checks the puppies have received before being put up for sale. A good breeder will know the needs of their puppies and will ask questions about your family and lifestyle to ensure that a puppy is an excellent match for you. They will never pressure you into a sale and will let you know they will accept a puppy back if it doesn’t work out for any reason. This is much better than purchasing a dog from a pet store, which often uses dogs from questionable sources.


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